Scope of Four Seasons Hosting Support

Support Availability

Email/ Discord Support/ Ticket Support is available 24 hours per day year-round.

To submit and review Support Tickets, please sign in to your Four Seasons Hosting Client Portal at:

When opening a ticket in regards to a current service hosted by Four Seasons Hosting via Discord Support Bot you must be the owner of the service and/or registered on the client portal and be listed as an authorized access user to that service and with your Discord account linked to the client portal so that your ID number matches the one listed on the client portal. To complete the linking process please login to the client portal and look for Discord Link. If you do not want to link your Discord to our website you may use the client portal support ticket system.

Support is only available in English; if you are not fluent in English, Four Seasons Hosting recommends using Google Translate. This can greatly help the support staff understand your problem or concern.

Support Coverage

Four Seasons Hosting offers a variety of Hosting products such as Domain registration, Web hosting, Reseller hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), SSL certificates, Code hosting, and Game server hosting are just a few of the hosting services offered by Four Seasons Hosting. We ask that you start a new support ticket for each individual issue to ensure that Four Seasons Hosting provides support of the highest possible quality.

Opening multiple tickets for a single issue may result in delayed assistance, and attempting to diagnose more than one issue per request frequently results in confusion and a poor overall support experience. While we are able to support the features of our platform, Four Seasons Hosting is unable to assist in all cases.

Support provided by Four Seasons Hosting includes, but is not limited to:

  • Management, monitoring, and upkeep of physical hardware.
  • Availability of the network.
  • Support for Four Seasons Hosting's services (including Game & Code Hosting, Reseller, and VPS Hosting Solutions, as well as others).
  • Support for the cPanel-related features (FTP, Email, PHP, MySQL, and more) included in the supplied cPanel installation.
  • Support for Let's Encrypt and Four Seasons Hosting Premium AlphaSSL SSL certificates.
  • Support for Softaculous installations, backups, and usage.
  • Scanning for malware and a free malware removal (subject to the terms and conditions).
  • Move and acquisition of Area Names for upheld high level spaces (TLDs).
  • Ensuring that all Four Seasons Hosting services and servers are available online, responsive, and working properly.

As a courtesy, Four Seasons Hosting will make every effort to provide support as long as it does not pertain to the following:

  • Debugging Website codes, Game Server code (including plugins/mods), Bot/Code hosting code decrypting or deciphering data, analyzing SQL queries, and troubleshooting database structures are all examples of website development.
  • Beyond ensuring that every documented compatibility configuration is implemented as permitted within cPanel, assistance in third-party website software (CMS, Custom Scripts, Themes, Plugins, Modules, Add-ons, or other components and scripts) relating to errors or script behavior in the realm of Development, Administration, or Advanced debugging.
  • Installing of shared and reseller hosting solutions, installing third-party software or server components outside of a standard cPanel installation.
  • Transferring website content to other third parties from Four Seasons Hosting.
  • Modifying another Web Hosting, Game Hosting, Code/Bot account that is not a part of our network.
  • Will not develop a Game Server, Website or other(s) for clients use


Four Seasons Hosting reserves the right, if necessary, to decide on a case-by-case basis what falls under the Scope of Support as technology advances.

Four Seasons Hosting may, in some cases, recommend contacting a third-party developer in order to resolve submitted site-level issues.

Please keep in mind that when you contact Four Seasons Hosting for support, you are giving Four Seasons Hosting implied permission to access your account, review the existing configuration or files, and modify your account as part of the process of debugging or resolving the problem that was reported.

When third-party service providers make changes to accounts or services outside of the Four Seasons Hosting network, Four Seasons Hosting is unable to assist.