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We offer a user-friendly control panel with multi-language support!

With 15 available games, from popular games to older games, we’ve got what you need, with all the included features listed below!

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All game servers come with every one of these features to make your life easier and your hosting experience pain-free.

Instant server setup

After checking out, your server is ready within seconds. You'll be racing, shooting, flying, or adventuring in no time.

Powered by NVME M.2 Storage

NVME M.2 Storage is superior to the classic hard disks in reliablity and performance, with access times nearly 100x greater.

No 💩 policy

Our no-BS policy applies to all our services. It guarantees a great experience for you. Read more.

Full SFTP access

Easily add and modify files on your game server with direct SFTP access.

Unmetered Storage

Unmetered storage for all game servers, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay without worrying about limitations.

North American locations

Data centers closer to you means less latency and better gaming.

Complete control of your game server

Start, Stop, File-upload, Databases, Sub-users, Cron Schedules and Built-in console!

One-Click Plugins & Mods Install

Whether you want to install plugins, mods, or modpacks, it's as easy as clicking a button.

Create Backups

All users get 10GBs free backup space to create a copies of their server anytime!

DDoS protection built-in

We make sure your game server and up-time are protected from nefarious DDoS attacks.

No bandwidth restrictions

Why put a cap on fun? Game as much as you want, as often as you want, with no bandwidth restrictions or overage charges.


View our list of available games to see pricing. Don't see your game? Contact us to chat about adding support for your game.

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