Premium Reseller Hosting from Four Seasons

Have you ever dreamed of running your hosting company but don't have the equipment or the financial backing, or want to expand but not looking for huge upfront cost? Then Four Seasons Hosting is perfect for you!

We use TCAdmin 2.0, and Virtualizor. Theses panels allow you and your clients to be able to do click mod installs for games and quick and easy access for the VPS. These panels are a amazaing selling points for some of your clients with limited knowledge.

Expect the most from our systems. Reach beyond!


See all the benfits of a premium reseller hosting below that will belong to you with any of systems below.

Control Panels

All our panels will be White Labled so you can brand it to your company profile.

Fully Automated

Every stage from deployment, suspension, termiantion and billing can be automated with the avaiable WHMCS modules

Unlimited bandwidth and traffic

All servers are 1GBs links with brust speeds up to 8GBs

Modern hardware

Our servers are ready to meet the needs for you to host high populated servers.

North American locations

Data centers closer to you means less latency and better gaming.

DDoS protection bulit-in

We make sure your server and up-time are protected from nefarious DDoS attacks.

Private Panel IP and extra dedicated IPs available

Each package will include your own IP for your panel and for servers (VPS or Games)

24/7 1-on-1 Support

We will prodide you one on one support from before setup to go time and beyond. You can count on us to be there for when you need it.


Flexible pricing packages for gaming communities of all sizes. Prices are in US dollars.

TCAdmin 2.0

$14 / month

  • Stating at 150 Game Slots
  • 150GB disk space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 5 Dedicated Ips
  • Included Control Panel
  • The no-BS policy

Virtualizor & TCAdmin 2.0

Starting @ $25 / month

  • All Of the features listed in TCAdmin 2.0 & Vitualizor but with combined with a affordable price