Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about our services and company.

General Questions


  • Invoices are processed on the date of your server creation. For Eg. Your server was created on the 15th of March, the next due date would be the 15th of April. This could change due to do the number of days in a month , so please check your due date on the client portal.

  • We know life is crazy and sometimes things pop up that are unexpected! If you're approaching your due date and are unable to make a payment, please open a ticket via the client portal or Our Discord server and let us know , so we can put in the system to prevent suspension

  • If you miss the payment on the due date, you'll receive an email reminder indicating that the service will be suspended within two days of the due date, and your service will be inaccessible.

Game Servers

VPS Hosting

  • Absolutely! With your VPS you can host games, websites, anything you like really!

  • You can have choices of Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Desktop, CentOS, Debian, Windows Server 2016,2019,2022.

  • Your VPS will come with its own IPv4 address, allowing you to open any ports through the installed Firewall on your VPS. For further assistance, please refer to the knowledge base or open a support ticket.

  • Yes! If you need more of anything (CPU power, memory, disk space), you can do so via the client portal or by opening a ticket on the Discord server.

Web Hosting