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Our game systems use a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) to move files between our servers and your computer. 

With this you can move bigger amounts of data then the traditional way of uploading with a web based browser!

We recommend FileZilla

When your ready to connect to your game server to upload files you can easily find all the information at https://game.fourseasonshosting.com under the “Settings” tab. In the bubble labbeled “SFTP Details” and can copy and paste the server address to FileZilla

Host (FileZilla) is Server Address (Panel)

Username (FileZila) is Username (Panel)

Password is the one used to login to the game panel. 

Port is 2022

Once the details are entered you can click “Quickconnect” on Filezilla and if all details are correct you should have been granted access!



Your FZ info would look some thing like this!

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